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Tour Fitting--Western Canada

Welcome to Tour FittingSM! This feature, unique and original to Canadian Golf™, asks a series of questions to help determine what tour will best fit your group. Even if you are just browsing, these questions can at least help you get started thinking about a future golf vacation. Tour FittingSM helps both us and our clients gain a better knowledge and understanding of what you want in your tour. Please submit your answers, and we will contact you shortly with a sample tour proposal to discuss further. Or if you prefer, email us at [email protected] and tell us what you are looking for. Thank you!

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What destinations do you want to include on your tour?  Click all that apply.  Minimum 3 nights each.

How many nights will you be staying?
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Which of the following will comprise your group?

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How many rounds per golf day are you interested in playing?

What caliber golf courses are you looking to play?

How many times to you want to play each particular course?

How many days off will you be taking for sightseeing?

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What off-course activities are of interest? Click all that apply.

Is the group comprised of golfers, or does it include nongolfers?

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What rooming arrangements do you prefer?

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What is your ground transportation preference?

When traveling between Banff and Whistler, how do you wish to travel?

What is a realistic, approximate per person budget for hotel, golf, ground transportation, and train (if applicable), NOT including airfare to and from Western Canada?

Please provide exact or approximate dates, and any other additional comments you may have

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