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Glasgow Hills Resort and Golf Club

Look in any reputable Prince Edward Island guide book and you will find reference to New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, the quintessential dining experience on the island, one that draws the tour buses by the masses yet still manages to deliver the most delectable lobster delights imaginable.  Chances are you will pay it a visit, and while having dinner and taking in the views from the restaurant you will notice an amazing-looking golf course in the nearby hills.   So, if you’re like us, you will quickly add another round to your itinerary if you haven’t planned to play here already!  What you will find are mammoth views out to the distant sea, unimaginably undulating terrain and elevation changes, and some of the most exciting holes you could ever experience.  Like all of the very best courses, the course builds to a crescendo and the stretch from 12 to 17 could well be the highlight of your PEI golf experience.  Only minutes from Cavendish, a round at Glasgow Hills followed by dinner at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers is a staple on any Canadian Golf PEI golf itinerary.