Canadian Golf - The Golf Tour Of Your Imagination to the Canadian Golf of Canada

About us

Canadian Golf™ is a division of Hidden Links, Inc., one of the world’s premier international golf tour operators.  With over 1500 passengers sent annually to the great golf courses of the British Isles, it was only logical that we expand our offerings to include wonderful Canada, being so close to home for so many of our travelers.  Canadian Golf has the finest reservations and customer service staff in the business and we take care of every detail.  We book the courses, hotels, car rentals, and trains on the Rocky Mountainneer.  We can even book a seaplane for you to and from Whistler and Vancouver.  We collect confirmations in writing.  Pay necessary deposits on time and collect receipts for same.  Request caddies and carts.  Take care of the final payments when due and collect confirmations and receipts for same.  Provide personal recommendations on pubs, restaurants and sightseeing attractions.  Make your spa appointments for you.  Provide detailed maps and driving directions.  In short, we take care of everything that you don’t have time to handle on your own.  Just be on time for your flight, and enjoy what is likely the best golf vacation you will ever have!

Each day of your trip will be meticulously planned to include golf courses, accommodations, and sightseeing attractions that are truly special.  Our advantage starts with our knowledge, experience, and extensive contacts.  We can work magic in making a schedule come together that others might find impossible to achieve.  We can react quickly and make requested changes often in the same day, even the same hour.  No request is too small.  Repeat-and-referral business is our bread-and-butter.  We are delighted to provide all of the references you need.  Our accommodation and golf course partners are just that—partners.  They enjoy working with us and the welcome you receive will be evident.  You can read actual client testimonials by clicking here.  Your Canadian Golf experience begins with a series of questions we call our “Tour Fitting (sm)” form, fun to complete and designed to really get you thinking about what you are looking for on your Canadian golf vacation.  We leave no stone unturned in finding out exactly the kind of experience you desire.  We look forward to being of service!

Canadian Golf is a proud member of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (, the gold standard for the golf travel industry.  Canadian Golf is also part of the North American Golf Tour Operators Alliance.  Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover all accepted for both deposits and final payments, with no surcharges.

Phone: 1-877-GOLF-067
Fax:  800-877-1738
Email:  [email protected]

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